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online retail performance.

Shuttle makes boosting your online sales easy.
Connect your data and receive easy-to-understand insights in just a few clicks.
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Make smarter online retail decisions faster

Easily Blend
Your Data

Connect your marketing data in just a few clicks to gain a bird's-eye view of your online sales and marketing performance.

Intelligent Insights Made Simple

Shuttle's intelligent algorithm takes the guesswork out of data analysis and gives you numbers that actually mean something.

Accurate Future Forecasts

Avoid missed sales before they happen. Shuttle predicts and plans for strong future performance.

Accelerate marketing campaigns.

Instant insights = efficient marketing. 

Empower your marketing team to be proactive. Save time on data analysis and quickly identify opportunities to capitalise on new sales opportunities.

Improve your customer experiences.

Quickly identify what may be causing online struggle or helping users on their path to purchase. Shuttle will tell you what works so you can quickly capitalise.

Avoid future lost sales.

Identify online areas of improvement before you lose customers. Shuttle not only identifies where issues may lay, but clearly explains how to optimise your online store for better performance so you can act quickly.


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